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We back domain experts building category-defining vertical software companies for large, underserved industries.

Over 50% of software exits today are vertical, yet little infrastructure exists to support vertical software founders from Day Zero.

Vertex, our collective of 60+ leading CEOs and industry executives, is a network & center of excellence for Vertical SaaS operators, helping us partner with and support top founders from inception.


We invest exclusively in what we know: software founders with unique domain expertise (usually from industry roles or past startups) transforming the backbone industries of the economy. We write initial checks of $500k to $1.5m, typically leading or co-leading pre-seed or formation-stage rounds. On average, Euclid partners with only 6 new companies per year, as we dedicate most of our time to our existing founders. Based in San Francisco, CA, we bring Silicon Valley networks and resources to standout founders across the US and Canada (with a core presence in and initial focus on those markets).


Our founders are our priority. We build life-long professional partnerships centered around achieving outlier outcomes. We help founders build industry-dominant platforms, leveraging the support of leading vertical CEOs who have been there before. Euclid aims to be the first of many excellent partners on our founders' cap tables and their first call, in good times and bad. While we're experts in the journey from Day Zero to Series A, we do reserve capital to support our portfolio through future rounds. We are long-term thinkers, investors, and advocates.

We focus on Four Core Themes in Vertical Software
Unbundling Financial Services

Rethinking financial services to serve industry-specific needs, from lending to payments.

Shrinking the
Value Chain

Streamlining supply-demand relationships and transactions through novel, digitally native business models.


Enabling all industries to access & leverage cutting-edge technology & infrastructure.


Solving labor shortages & increasing productivity for industry workers with specialized workflows.


Omar El-ayat

General partner

Omar has 10+ years of experience leading early-stage investments in industry-changing vertical startups such as Postmates (acq. by Uber), BuildingConnected (acq. by ADSK), Hungryroot, and HomeLight. Prior to Euclid, he was a Partner at Crosslink Capital, which he joined in 2010.  He lives in San Francisco with his wife, two dogs, and two cats.

Nic Poulos

General partner

Nic has 10+ years of experience leading seed and pre-seed investments in vertical software platforms, such as Transfix, Electric, and VNDLY. Prior to Euclid, he was a GP at Fifth Wall and Bowery Capital, which he co-founded in 2013. After 15 years in NYC, Nic is back in his hometown of San Francisco where he lives with his wife and dog.


We launched Vertex with a big but simple vision: to connect the best in Vertical Software. Since then, the group has grown to 65 members nationwide, from breakout startup founders to public company CEOs. Built from the ground up for the vertical software founders, our sole aim is to bring value to A-players across the vSaaS ecosystem through connectivity.

Founders and executives from the leading Vertical Software companies
first-check VC
for Vertical SoftwAre Founders

We help domain experts build industry-transforming businesses.